Friday, September 24, 2004

Why Kerry frustrates me

Today, Kerry unveiled his great new plan to fight terror. While discussing his plans for the war on terror Kerry struck back at the Bush brand of conservative,

"I don't view these people as conservatives," Kerry said. "I actually view them as extreme, and I think their policies have been extreme, and that extends all the way to Iraq, where this president, in my judgment, diverted the real war on terror -- which was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda -- and almost obsessively moved to deal with Iraq in a way that weakened our nation, overextended our armed forces, cost us $200 billion and created a breach in our oldest alliances."

Now, lets break this down for a moment... Kerry starts out saying the Bush administration is extreme. Okay good, I get that. Then the president diverted the real war on terror, and almost obsessively moved to deal with Iraq blah blah blah blah... Sorry John, you lost me a little bit. You see, like most Americans, I have the attention span of a three year old. Meanwhile Bush says things like "Al Qaeda bad." "Iraq bad." You see that works for me, gets to the point, minimal amount of words. And the largest word has five letters. I am not saying that the American electorate is stupid, but they do like things to be as simple as possible. This is where Kerry fails miserably and Bush gets reelected. Almost every sentence I have heard Kerry utter has contained at least three main points. Take the main points in the quote above, 1. Bush conservatives are extreme, 2. Real war on terror is against Al Qaeda, 3. Armed forces extended, 4. $200 Billion dollar price tag, 5. Alliances breached. All excellent points and they show why I am going to vote for Kerry in November. The problem is that most Americans will stop paying attention somewhere in the middle of his statement.

The other issue is he often intersperses statements with unassertive justifications like "in my judgment." Damnit John, just say "Bush has diverted attention from the real war on terror." Now move on to the next point. Saying "in my judgment" makes you sound weak and unassertive. And if you are weak and unassertive going after Bush, how can America trust you to be strong against terrorism?

I am thrilled that Kerry is finally standing up and laying out his plans a bit, and I hope he shows some strength in the upcoming debates. But, unless Kerry can simplify his statements and start making his points clear, I am forced to prepare for a big disappointment in November.


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